Intro to Chocolate

Mayan Interest in Chocolate

Chocolate has a history going back to 1900B.C; there is mention of chocolate drinks from Aztec and Mayan histories called xocolātl  (bitter waters). The name entered the English language from Spanish although there is scholarly dissention about its actual origin. It is made from the   Theobroma cacao seeds – which by the way translates to “Food of the gods” good name! It is also known as cacao or cocoa tree, in my opinion and after the seeds have been fermented; this is done to reduce the intense bitter taste and improve the flavor; they are then dried, cleaned and roasted.  Then they go through a number of processes to get to the chocolate we know today.  Cocoa solids produced from chocolate liquor in this process, is known to contain certain chemicals that a have a physiological and psychological effect on the body; so I am not imagining the pleasure of chocolate it is effecting the serotonin in my brain and literally making g me feel better. Some research say it can help lower blood pressure, I have to find that so I can state I am eating it for medical reasons..mmm wonder if it will ever be on prescription!!!. One of these chemicals is toxic to animals especially dogs and cats so please don’t “treat’ your pets to a piece of chocolate however much they want it.

Do not give pets chocolate , it is toxic to them



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