Chocolate Drinks

Hot choclate topped with marshmallows

To warm yourself on a cold winter night,
A cup of hot cocoa is such a delight. 
Follow the directions to make a cup,
Then sit back, relax and take a big gulp.

As we saw from the last post chocolate appears to have to come into being as a drink today it is still as popular. The earlier drink was slightly different than we have today more in keeping with the type found in Mexico and South America today. Rich, slightly bitter and spiced, so if you fancy a different drink which I find quite alluring, have a go at making South American or Mexican cocoa.

Mexican Hot Chocolate spiced with chili
Hot chocolate with a kick

At home I make a slightly spiced one. For one cup I melt bitter chocolate in my milk (how much depends on you and the chocolate, experiment, I use half a block good quality bitter chocolate – enough for a large mug. I add a cinnamon stick and a dash of ground spice and some orange rind and heat slowly together until the chocolate melts. I then stir in some whipped cream sprinkle with either cinnamon or grated chocolate…decadent! You can spice it up a bit more with some chili flakes.  I also like at add a drop of rum or brandy occasionally. On a skiing holiday long ago in the days when Bulgaria was behind the Iron Curtain; our barman liked to pour into a blender,2 bars of chocolate, hot milk enough for 2-3 cups and a bottle; yes a bottle of brandy, some sugar, blend and there was THE  most warming cup of chocolate you have ever tasted.  If you fancy having a go but want more exact measures take a look here.


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