The Chocolate Museum, Penang

Last year we went to Malaysia on holiday and randomly discovered a chocolate museum whilst wandering around Georgetown, Penang! Well, you can imagine what a highlight that was for me, no sooner had I seen it and I was in the door. Actually it was more of a shop than a  museum, but it had a small display about how chocolate and coffee is made and with free entry, it was a nice way to spend half an hour. Unsurprisingly due to its tropical climate and location near the equator, both coffee beans and cocoa beans are grown in Malaysia, if you’ve ever tried the local coffee called “kopi” you’ll know how good it is…and it’s even better combined with chocolate!

Switzerland loves chocolateThe display at the museum is quite basic but is colourful and bright using paintings on the wall to show the process. The most interesting thing for me was probably the chart detailing which countries eat the most chocolate (in the form of a bar of chocolate), unsurprisingly chocolate-loving Europeans topped the chart, with Swiss people eating the most, closely followed by Austria and Ireland, whilst us Aussies were somewhere in the middle to lower end of the scale. Talking of scales, Brazilians are easy on theirs because they eat the least, despite producing chocolate, they must be keeping svelte for all those carnivals. The best thing about the museum shop was the free samples, including exotic ones – I liked the chili dark chocolate and tiramasu milk chocolate, but the sesame was good too!


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