Development of the Chocolate Drink

Warming  luxurious hot chocolate drink with marshmallows

What do you think when you imagine drinking chocolate, a woman curled up in an oversized sweater in a comfy chair in winter? Children coming from the snow drinking mugs of chocolate. I think that is the general perception these days; drinking chocolate is for women and children. You might be surprised to know that has not always been the case. As we saw in the early post chocolate has a long history and was often seen as a sacred magical drink. drunk by the elite few, which would be mainly the  warriors caste. The Aztecs viewed chocolate and blood as sacred liquids and as such was often used in initiation ceremonies for warriors, it was a symbol of power, strength and virility often drunk daily, so they could face all those challenges that warriors had.  Brought to Europe by the Conquistadores, it became a popular drink for priests and monks, especially the Cistercian Order who had a special room to prepare and drink chocolate, known as the chocolatería; today in Spain and around the world you can find Chocolatería.

It is around this time that milk and sugar were added to what was in effect a bitter tasting drink, these additions increased chocolates popularity. So much so that  ‘chocolate houses’ later to become Gentlemens Clubs started to appear. This is  where the elite (men) would consume it, combined with gambling and Politic they became quite notorious.One such Chocolate House was Mrs Whites, it was also a very popular gambling club that became known as The Hell Club and gained quite a bit of notoriety at the time, it is still there in London now known as Whites.

Whites Club in London originally a Chocolate House
Whites of London

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