Chocolate is evolving


As you all know I am a chocoholic. I am always curious to try all different sorts and types of chocolate out there. We’ve heard of chili chocolate or other interesting flavors like lavender infused chocolate. Can you believe that now there is such a thing as bacon chocolate! Who would’ve imagined 20 years ago that someone would be so clever to combine fatty,delicious bacon with creamy, delectable chocolate! I have not yet tried this dreamy combination, have any of you? Comment if you have and let me know how it was!


While on my last trip to the United States I also saw some other interesting flavors such as smokehouse BBQ potato chip, peanut butter banana, peach, beef jerky and chili dark chocolate. It’s even possible to buy chocolate covered potato chips these days. What will they come up with next? Am I excited to try out these flavors? Well, I have to admit that since I am a chocoholic and so passionate about chocolate I will try these flavors at some point. Would I choose this chocolate as my first choice? Definitely not, but as I said before I am open to trying any type of chocolate out there!

The world offers so many different types of chocolate. Whether it be Mexico and it’s chili chocolate, Japan with it’s many different types of Kit-Kat flavors or Europe with it’s extensive variety of chocolate, I believe there is something for everyone, even for the people who claim they “don’t like” chocolate. They just haven’t had the right kind yet, or that’s what I believe at least!


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