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5 Best Australian Chocolates You Must Try This Valentine’s Day

Heavenly Chocolatey Delight
Heavenly Chocolatey Delight

Pamper your loved one with a chocolatey surprise! For a heavenly delight, melt into some bliss with the collection of finest chocolates. They are not just made of sugar but are intelligent and balanced combination of cocoa, cocoa butter, and cream with variations. Your loved one and you’ll not worry about calories and sugar with these. Discover and experience the heavenly pleasure this Valentine’s Day.

Here are 5 best Australian chocolates you must dig deep into this time:

Haigh’s Chocolates: Australia’s oldest family-owned chocolate maker since 1915, making finest chocolates. Today, this brand is a national icon and has reputation for creation, innovation and high-quality. They have a rich collection of milk, dark or milk peppermint, truffles and a lot more to offer. Try this year’s Valentine’s Day 2016 themed chocolates from Haigh’s.  

Haigh's Finest Collection of Chocolates
Haigh’s Finest Collection of Chocolates

Daintree Estates: It’s one of the oldest chocolate makers and the only chocolatier to use locally grown cocoa beans, sugar and dairy products for making chocolates. You’ll also find single-origin 70% dark chocolate in its rich assortment.

Daintree Estates
Daintree Estates

Lindt: Discover the world of chocolates, finest of quality, and the best of creation. These chocolates will just melt into your mouth. It has rich collection of different flavours and they are soft, enjoyable, a joy for the senses. Try them out in different varieties like gift boxes, sharing boxes, and blocks and bars.

Smooth Chocolate Making in Lindt Factories
Smooth Chocolate Making in Lindt Factories

Whittaker’s: They have finest collection of thin, finely crafted delights flavoured with nuts, fruits, or simply milk.

Tempting Whittaker’s Chocolates
Tempting Whittaker’s Chocolates

Kennedy and Wilson: Last but not the least, Kennedy and Wilson chocolates offer you a heavenly delight! They are passionate chocolate makers dedicated to produce a chocolate that tastes like a chocolate and not just sugar. These chocolates are a unique combination of cocoa mass, cocoa butter, and cream.

Kennedy and Wilson Scrumptious Chocolates
Kennedy and Wilson Scrumptious Chocolates



The making of Chocolate bars

Chocolate making Process

Chocolate’s journey from a cocoa tree to the bar we all love is really fascinating one. The process of making chocolate varies. However the basic process is the same. Let us take an over view of how the cocoa is turned into the brown solid food with surreal taste.

Harvesting – Cocoa harvesting is done twice a year with the ripe cocoa pods being plucked. Immediately the pods are cut my machetes to reveal the white pulp which contains the cocoa beans. The beans are indeed seeds of the cocoa tree.

Fermenting – This is the second step of the process where the cut pods are placed in wooden boxes and the pulp is allowed to ferment for a week. Fermenting is essential for flavor development.

Drying – After fermenting the beans are separated from the pulp and are dried out in the sun. The single layer dries quickly. After proper drying out which prevents fungal growth the beans are packed in sacks to be transported. This is where the role of the farmer ends and of the manufacturer starts.

Roasting – The dried out beans ar4e bought by chocolate manufacturers and then are roasted in machines meant for it. Temperature is regulated to prevent burning.

Winnowing and grinding – The roasted beans are winnowed to remove the shell and get the crust. The crust is the ground into what we call chocolate powder.

Tempering and Molding – The powder is further purified by tempering and then the chocolate paste is made and the mould makes them into the bar which we buy and eat.

Chocolate is addictive?

Chocolate is addictive?

I cannot resist eating chocolate whatever the situation. Chocolate makes me really happy and swings my mood from good to bad. So is this addiction? Well I do not know, but there are some views floating on this topic. I went ahead and read a few and was happy to know that it is not addictive. Let us go more in detail.

  • The Psychologists say “No” – As per clinical Psychology chocolate is not an addiction. You can call it craving. This is because addiction is more general. An addictive substance will affect all without discrimination. However chocolate craving is found more in women, and can be linked to hormonal changes rather than addiction.
  • Contains mood enhancing chemicals – Very similar to drugs that have the potential to be addictive, chocolate also has mood enhancing chemicals. Theobromine a chemical found in cocoa is said to have a stimulating effect on the brain. However according to scientists it is one-tenth of the effect hence does not qualify as addictive.
  • Contains a chemical found in Marijuana – One researcher found out that chocolate contains. Piomelli a substance found in chocolate and Marijuana gives a high to the brain cells. However chocolate has very less of the substance. However it is present which makes me think that it can be addictive.

Decide for yourself whether chocolate is addictive or not. I am going to continue eating it no matter what!

A different sort of chocolate …


Chocolate labradooles are gently loving and characterful dogs
A favourite Pic…

Now this post is a cheat, a play on chocolate but something I love just as dearly and that is Charly my chocolate Australian labradoodle. I have had Charly four years and it has been a wonderful time. Charly came to me via a friend, not exactly a rescue per se but I like to think we rescued each other. I am so against breeders and puppy farms that I would never have bought Charly myself. A friend of a friend had one bought for Christmas by an ex fiancé (note the ex) and as quickly as she got rid of the fiancé so to she wanted rid of the puppy. Don’t get me wrong fiancé in the wrong here buying a puppy for someone who never wanted one and did not have a lifestyle suitable for looking after one ( no wonder she got rid).  My friend knowing I was looking for a rescue dog puts us in touch with each other and long story short, Charly came to live with me. Having a puppy changes your life, its wonderful and scary and messy but so much fun. I don’t think I had laughed so much until she came. I have had her sprayed, I thought long and hard about this but I cannot manage puppies and to be honest to breed her would be against all I stand for. If you are interested in saving pups from the farms take a look here; I donate something every month as my chosen charity.

Now as my posts are normally about real edible chocolate and not my wonderful Charly; just a reminder that real chocolate is bad for your pets, I buy Goodboy Choco drops online – good value. For all the chocoholics who need a fix try going to Chocolate Drop Tearooms and trying some of their homemade chocs…delicious!

Healthy Chocolate

Get rid of the information that chocolate makes you unhealthy. Many recent researches say otherwise. Yes it has sugar but that is not all. Here are a few things that will help you argue for your love for the chocolates. Who does not love chocolates?

Chocolate and Health

  • Chocolate is full of anti-oxidants – You did not know this right. Chocolate helps your body by slowing down the ageing process, and also helps fight disease. Oh come on chocolate makes you healthy. Get ready with this information when your dad tells that chocolate is not good!
  • Calms your mood – Chocolate has a soothing effect on your mood. You must have felt it. Imagine you are stressed out and you have a bar of chocolate. It will surely calm you down, and it is not a drug. It releases calming endorphin that helps reduce anxiety. tell the doctor that and you will get a pat on the back.
  • It is good for bones – White chocolate is a good source of calcium and helps the bones. So this is another benefit of chocolate.
  • Cocoa in chocolate fights Colon cancer – It has been  proven in a clinical research in Spain that cocoa in chocolate helps protect against colon cancer. It is something that the parents need to know!

So, when you get your pay go buy a chocolate. If you want to have financial freedom and free of anxiety eat chocolate or visit payday247.

Chocolate is evolving


As you all know I am a chocoholic. I am always curious to try all different sorts and types of chocolate out there. We’ve heard of chili chocolate or other interesting flavors like lavender infused chocolate. Can you believe that now there is such a thing as bacon chocolate! Who would’ve imagined 20 years ago that someone would be so clever to combine fatty,delicious bacon with creamy, delectable chocolate! I have not yet tried this dreamy combination, have any of you? Comment if you have and let me know how it was!


While on my last trip to the United States I also saw some other interesting flavors such as smokehouse BBQ potato chip, peanut butter banana, peach, beef jerky and chili dark chocolate. It’s even possible to buy chocolate covered potato chips these days. What will they come up with next? Am I excited to try out these flavors? Well, I have to admit that since I am a chocoholic and so passionate about chocolate I will try these flavors at some point. Would I choose this chocolate as my first choice? Definitely not, but as I said before I am open to trying any type of chocolate out there!

The world offers so many different types of chocolate. Whether it be Mexico and it’s chili chocolate, Japan with it’s many different types of Kit-Kat flavors or Europe with it’s extensive variety of chocolate, I believe there is something for everyone, even for the people who claim they “don’t like” chocolate. They just haven’t had the right kind yet, or that’s what I believe at least!

Leave out Chocolate Blocks Alone


Cadbury's owners Mondelez International defend decision to reduce the weight of the chocolate block
Do you want less of your favourite chocolate?

Did anyone read the news about Cadbury’s a couple of days ago? They are reducing the size of our chocolate bars by 10%..yes folks 10%. its disgraceful and what’s more the price is the same…greedy corporation interfering with our chocolate bars. To say I am upset  is putting it mildly, I am furious. Of course the US owners of Cadbury’s, Mondelez International, are blaming rising costs and pointing out that by doing so they will continue to support local manufacturing in Australia – patronising so and so’s!  This is a repeat of 2009 when they reduced the 250 gram block to 200 grams and added palm oil to the chocolate ingredients, totally ignoring the fact that palm oil use is contributing to deforestation, climate change and affecting the habitat of animals that are going to be extinct, sustainable measures are required and big corporations like Mondelez do not seem to be interested in supporting this. They heard us shout about it though, revising the palm oil decision very quickly. In 2013 they partially revised the decision increasing the size to 220 grams.  What can we do about it? Well we can certainly make our displeasure heard, loudly and clearly. People are already complaining on their FaceBook page but maybe we have to do more. In the Uk they have a problem with Cadburys cream eggs which I know are an institution over there. The Guardian online  is encouraging people to take action, Tweet, emails and call, citing that it worked in the past and gave examples. Maybe thats what we should be doing, not sitting and moaning but taking positive action – anyone know of any petitions or campaigns going on? We cannot allow these big corporations to bully us, we know what we want and we want our full bars of chocolate. They need to listen to us, we have done it once before ( palm oil stopped) and can do it again.

Cadburys Creme Egg Scandal changing the outer shell to non dairy chocolate
Cadbury’s Creme Egg – UK