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A different sort of chocolate …


Chocolate labradooles are gently loving and characterful dogs
A favourite Pic…

Now this post is a cheat, a play on chocolate but something I love just as dearly and that is Charly my chocolate Australian labradoodle. I have had Charly four years and it has been a wonderful time. Charly came to me via a friend, not exactly a rescue per se but I like to think we rescued each other. I am so against breeders and puppy farms that I would never have bought Charly myself. A friend of a friend had one bought for Christmas by an ex fiancé (note the ex) and as quickly as she got rid of the fiancé so to she wanted rid of the puppy. Don’t get me wrong fiancé in the wrong here buying a puppy for someone who never wanted one and did not have a lifestyle suitable for looking after one ( no wonder she got rid).  My friend knowing I was looking for a rescue dog puts us in touch with each other and long story short, Charly came to live with me. Having a puppy changes your life, its wonderful and scary and messy but so much fun. I don’t think I had laughed so much until she came. I have had her sprayed, I thought long and hard about this but I cannot manage puppies and to be honest to breed her would be against all I stand for. If you are interested in saving pups from the farms take a look here; I donate something every month as my chosen charity.

Now as my posts are normally about real edible chocolate and not my wonderful Charly; just a reminder that real chocolate is bad for your pets, I buy Goodboy Choco drops online – good value. For all the chocoholics who need a fix try going to Chocolate Drop Tearooms and trying some of their homemade chocs…delicious!