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Leave out Chocolate Blocks Alone


Cadbury's owners Mondelez International defend decision to reduce the weight of the chocolate block
Do you want less of your favourite chocolate?

Did anyone read the news about Cadbury’s a couple of days ago? They are reducing the size of our chocolate bars by 10%..yes folks 10%. its disgraceful and what’s more the price is the same…greedy corporation interfering with our chocolate bars. To say I am upset  is putting it mildly, I am furious. Of course the US owners of Cadbury’s, Mondelez International, are blaming rising costs and pointing out that by doing so they will continue to support local manufacturing in Australia – patronising so and so’s!  This is a repeat of 2009 when they reduced the 250 gram block to 200 grams and added palm oil to the chocolate ingredients, totally ignoring the fact that palm oil use is contributing to deforestation, climate change and affecting the habitat of animals that are going to be extinct, sustainable measures are required and big corporations like Mondelez do not seem to be interested in supporting this. They heard us shout about it though, revising the palm oil decision very quickly. In 2013 they partially revised the decision increasing the size to 220 grams.  What can we do about it? Well we can certainly make our displeasure heard, loudly and clearly. People are already complaining on their FaceBook page but maybe we have to do more. In the Uk they have a problem with Cadburys cream eggs which I know are an institution over there. The Guardian online  is encouraging people to take action, Tweet, emails and call, citing that it worked in the past and gave examples. Maybe thats what we should be doing, not sitting and moaning but taking positive action – anyone know of any petitions or campaigns going on? We cannot allow these big corporations to bully us, we know what we want and we want our full bars of chocolate. They need to listen to us, we have done it once before ( palm oil stopped) and can do it again.

Cadburys Creme Egg Scandal changing the outer shell to non dairy chocolate
Cadbury’s Creme Egg – UK